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Progressive Finance Launches New Loan Service That Provide Cash Loans

Clients Receive Brand New Option To Obtain The Easiest Loan Approvals

Prime Progressive one of the top leaders in the alternative financing industry has been providing clients with Progressive Finance Furniture simple, easy to qualify for, financing options for over three years. Being a respected leader in the no credit check financing field Progressive has in the past been able to assist clients who have been reported to have been unable to obtain a dedicated company to assist them with obtaining a short term loan. Due to Progressive Finance success with helping clients obtain successful financing they have now decided to implement additional financing options to help even more of the marketplace who normally obtain payday loans receive additional funding opportunities.

Irene Harris the new Manager of the Prime Progressive is now prepared to roll out two new financial options for Progressive Finance cash loan clients coming this September.  On September 1, 2013 Irene will be adding a new auto financing loan option as well as a new auto title loan portal to the Progressive financing line. When questioned about the expectations of these new financing options Irene stated that the new services line is geared to enable more clients are able to obtain the money they need whenever they need it without having to go through a lot of trouble to obtain it. She furthermore stated that her vision is to help the company expand its reach to help clients get access to larger loans.